ASUSA Neck Guard

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Salient Features: 
Rudimentary design which reduces impact to susceptible areas. 
Constructed using layered high density cross linked foams.

Reversible Velcro Closure System.

High Quality Printed Logos.

Light Weight @ just 16 grams with a high quality 4 way stretch Spandex fabric covering. 

Extremely Easy to Apply and Remove.

One Size Fits All.


This product is designed to reduce the severity and frequency of injuries attained by cricketers while batting. However, no equipment can prevent all possible injuries, and severe head, brain or spinal injuries including paralysis or death may still occur despite using this product. This product will not guard against neck, throat or spinal injury. Lekka and its agents cannot guarantee the safety of the user when using this product.

Do not use for any activities outside of cricket.

This product should not be used after a severe impact.

Discard and purchase a new one.

Sizes: M,L,XL

Color: White
ASUSA Umpire Coat gives a degree of professionalism to a high standard umpire who takes pride in his officiation of cricket matches. This coat is manufactured from high quality material and has all the necessary pockets for an umpire to store the necessary bits and pieces as he needs. These coats are still used in many cricketing circles.

Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 2 in



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